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The challenges of Being Called

The  challenges  of   be  called (Isaiah  51:2)  


The Abraham. He was only (One) when I called blessed. And  the  multiplied (the transformed  many). "You  is  only, but  God  can  turns it  in many, God  can multiply   your   ministry "etc. .... (Gen 12:1)  First  Place:  The  challenges  of being  called: The  call   of  Abraham  (Genesis 12:1) as  narrative  the beginning  a  new  chapter  the revelation  of  AT  about   purpose  divine   of  redeem  and save   race   human. This   nation  Jesus  Christ the Savior  the world, the promised  descendant  of  woman. behavior  addition  call   Abraham  involved not  only   a nation  land and  as  a homeland  Heaven. A  city  whose artifice and  builder  is  own  God.A  call  of  Abraham  contained  no  only  promises, but  compromises.God required  of  Abraham  both  a  obedience and  a  dedication  staff  Him  as Lord. Journey  of  Abraham  a  CANAA. Traveled from  Ur  of  Chaldeans  to  Canaa  by  path  of  Hara. Though  were  route   indirect. Will  be called  by God, Abraham  by  FAITH (Hebrews 11:1) - GalÃria   of  heroes  of faith, moved  of  Ur  Chaldean  in  Mesopotamia  to  Hara and  finally  to  Canaa. Then  God  established  pact  with Abraham. Through  of  tree  genealogica  of  Abraão.Jesus  Christ  born   to  save   the humanidade.AtravÃs of Christ, people  can  have a  relationship  staff  God  and  be  infinitely  blessed. According  Place: The  challenges  of  be  called <   > Involves  preparations and promises   of God (Gen 12:2). God  promised  bless  Abraham  and make it famous, more  had  one condition - he  would  obey  God  throughout. This meant  leave  home, relatives, local goods, friends and travel, emigrate  to  a   new  land  not  knew where  God  promised  establish  a  big  Nation  formed  by  descendants  of  Abraham. Obeyed  and left  in  direction  promise  of God,  future  of blessings  greater. Beloved - God  can  be  trying  carry  you  a  place  where  may  be   of  big  advantage to not allow him  the   comfort  and  security  caused them to lose the plan  of  God  to  its  life. God  planned  develop  a nation  which   It  I called my people. Third  Place: The  challenges  should be called <   > Involves  Period  transition  between  you and God (Gen 12:8). It is noted  clearly  this  chapter  when  Abraham  builds  one  ALTAR  God, Altar  tells   communion, resigns, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, celebration  remarkable  meetings  God. Abraham  was building regularly  altars  God  with two (2) purposes (1) For   Prayer  and Worship (2) How  memory  promises  of  blessings  and multiplication  God in his  life. Abraham  no  could  survive  spiritually  without renewing  regularly  your  love  and loyalty  God. Build   altars  helped  Abraham  a  remember  that  God  was the center  his  life. The  Altar  inflamed   help us  a  reflect  about  will  God  and motivates us  a  obey. - (Bethel - home   of  bread) moved  thence  to  a  Banda  East of  Bethel - and  Armed  its   Tent, having  Bethel  to  West and  AI  to  East - AI - Why  it  stopped   in the way? Maybe  been  nostalgia, health, climate, or even  same  fear, doubt, inseguranÃão, AI  remember  will  Abraham  of crisis, dreams  interrupted, it  the indesiÃão, struggles, challenges, disappointments, the period, the interval, heart, vision  point  view  human, literally  ESTÃR  out  of  will  God. Test, trial - desert --  Abraham  lived  moments  oscillating torquenejante, vacillating - only  recovery  the  reins of control   apartir  moment  that builds  there  one  Altar  of  Worship  the Lord  and invokes  name  God. Receive  then  directions  God's will  and  is  then have  ripening  God because  yet  no  was  able  to  receive  completely  revelations  God.  Conclusion  God  can   give  Periods  transition  and times  waiting  to  that we make  more  dependent  His  and trust  in his time. For God  uses  the  condition  to  teach us to prepare  and enable us  a  be fully  under  their control. If  patience  we  will  God  during  times  transition, we  better  prepared  to  serve you  when  we  called   for Him  Pr  Roberto Soares  MEM  Mission  Strategy  World

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The revival Nowadays
Acts 2: 1-13, 37-47
"Look among the nations, and look, and wonder, and Admire you: why work in your days  a work that you will not believe, if told, "Hc 1: 5.
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was prophesied by Joel (2: 28-29) centuries before the birth of the Church. On the day of Pentecost, the Lord fulfilled his promise. When Christians were in Jerusalem, praying, all were filled with the Spirit, Acts 1: 4. The apostle Peter stated that it was the fulfillment of a prophecy, Acts 2: 16-18.

But is this outpouring of the Spirit was only for first century Christians? No. The apostle Peter says that the blessing is "For all that are afar off, that is, to whom the Lord our God will call", At 2: 39. The blessing of the Holy Spirit is, therefore, to this day.

I - Great Awakening

The prophet Joel (2: 23) speaks of rain and rain. The season was that fell on Pentecost, bringing the baptism with the Spirit, tongues, signs and wonders and the preaching of the Lord's day, Acts 2: 16-21. In our days, God is pouring rain, James 5: 7, the last rain of the Holy Spirit on the life of the church so that there is abundant harvest. The Lord expects fruit.

See what God has done in recent centuries, reviving his Church.

a) The great revival. It happened in the United States. Began in 1734. There was an awareness of the need to reach non-believers and strengthen the already converted. Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), with its simplicity of life and much prayer, had a great impact on people. George Whitefield (1714-1770) was another great revivalist of the period. The result of the work of these men was thousands of conversions and the birth of many churches. In New England (USA), a population of 300 thousand people, there were between 30 and 40 thousand conversions. There was a moral rebirth in the homes, the foundation of theological courses and social work.

b) Revival in Europe. It began after the mid-seventeenth century.

In 1670, in Germany, Pastor Philip Spener organized meetings for Bible study and prayer houses. Social work emerged and a new spirit came into force on the Lutheran church. They founded the mission fields.

The airplanetively the Moravians began in 1727. They began to seek the Lord in prayer, and suddenly there was an outpouring of the Spirit upon the church. There was crying, and breaking up demonstrations among children. The Moravians began a ministry of continual prayer that lasted over 100 years.

In England, John Wesley was the instrument of God to change the history of the church. Man of prayer, gave emphasis to Bible study. Opposed to alcohol, war, slavery. There were many conversions.

c) In the nineteenth century. Some men were instruments of God to lead major revivals:

Charles G. Finney was powerful in the Word, prayer and witness. He lived in the United States. Under the influence of his preaching, churches were renewed, new communities are born, people have addictions, etc..

Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) was professor of children in EBD and saw many parents to convert to the testimony of children. Spurgeon was powerful in preaching. Signs and wonders were common in their meetings. This revival began in England and reached other countries.

Dwight L. Moody lived from 1837 to 1899, the United States of America. It is estimated that about 500 thousand people gave themselves to Christ through it. He devoted himself to EBD. It started with 12 children and in a few years, that number reached 12 thousand.


The true revival has some peculiarities. Its characteristic is not emotionalism, the noise. The book of Acts describes a church that lives under the move of the Holy Spirit. Read Acts 2: 47-52.

Perseverance in the Word. Every genuine revival is centered in Christ and His Word. The emergence of unbiblical doctrines is a sign that there is no purity in motion;

PerseveranÃa communion. A church enlivened by the Spirit of the Lord lives as a body-tight, 1 Corinthians 12: 12. The Spirit creates unity, Jn 17: 21. The disagreements and factions are the work of the flesh, Galatians 5: 19-21;

Perseverance in prayer. Without prayer there is no revival. It is communion with God that triggers the whole process of spiritual renewal.

DedicaÃão missions. There is genuine revival the church is not doing missions. According to Acts 1: 8, the power of the Spirit enables the believer to preach the gospel, to be a witness.

A social action. Interestingly, all revivals have brought about social action. Foundation orphanages, concern for the elderly, the marginalized. This is biblical. See Acts 9: 36.


a) In the United States. The first manifestations in the modern Pentecostal gave in 1900, the United States. The Azusa Street, 312, Los Angeles, USA, was one of the most famous addresses in the modern Pentecostal history. There was great spiritual awakening. There have been some missionaries driven by spiritual awakening of the early twentieth century. Among them were: Daniel Berg and Gunnar Vingren, founders of the Pentecostal work in Brazil in 1910, which led to the Assembly of God.

b) spiritual revival in Brazil. During the 60s, several Baptist churches, Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian experienced a spiritual revival. As a result of this movement come new names under the banner of spiritual renewal.


Journal of Biblical Studies Hallelujah

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A Foreign Woman Who Truly Love Jesus

A foreign woman  I love  Jesus  truth (eg Mt 15:25)   


Jesus rose up and went away to the land of Tire and Sidon and entered a house. Want anyone to know, but can not conceal, Jesus was notorious in that house in that neighborhood. That street in that city in that country. Jesus had emigrated from Israel to a foreign land p meet a great work God and p  a foreign woman resident of the region, knowing the reputation of Jeush heard about Jesus. Knowing that his only chance was present for the rest of his life. Whose daughter was terribly  posssessa ill and she does not think 2 times, she lived a problem. How do people see Jesus in our lives? For example ... the houses, streets, subway, bus, school, college, circles of friends and work or even in our churches the same? Our Christian life has made the difference. We have impacted lives in the neighborhoods , cities and nations with our Christian witness? we represent Jesus? what our position before God as ambassadors of the Gospel throughout the world. This foreign woman having heard about Jesus not to even entimidou you toward your goal. It is quite evident that alquem had made the comment about Jesus that led to an encounter with Jesus, without knowing it until the one experienced experience with Christ personally. Had only been talk about Jesus. Like really have lived our Christian lives? this passage we discover and we can use est foreign woman as a point of contact to review our concepts. Values of Christian life on condition of repairing our altar adoracao, leaving aside all that away and separate. Separate Jesus as the center of true exaltaÃãode adoracao ... .. I) Place ... q A foreign woman loved Jesus in truth-V: 22 ... led her to clamar.Jr 33:3>This was in a foreign total despair and panic. Had heard of Jesus through his neighbor (According to the writer historian 1st century after Christ FlÃvio Jozefo  conjecture) of the supernatural power that emanated from Jesus. It is a foreign admitted confessed. Said with all conviction that Jesus's heart condition was man of the lineage of David, the root of Jesse, she can discern the spiritual eye hat Jesus came the world to search, rescue, heal and release all the captives of Satan in Bravo voz.Ela cried: Jesus son of David have mercy on me, I have a big problem! hopeless situation led to cry out loudly because the uncertainty of having tried  the search for the solution of their problem and not have found the answer led to a foreign woman cry without ceasing ... Claiming the context here means sing and persist, persevere, fight until the last moment by his goal, literally immediate action to communicate their desperate situation in which he lived, had tried without hope in several segments of his time and means to solve their problems, was weak and exhausted in vain ninquà can resolve your situation, perhaps est foreign INFUENTO was a woman in their society, such as purchasing power psi consult with the best medical specialist, psychologist, psychiatrist or even mind having the esperansa to find the solution to your problem, she told her problem to the right person Jesus, but Jesus did not answer him a word: but his dicipulos worried the scandal and prejudice moral and spiritual, political, religious est that could cause foreign woman, came to Jesus asking him about this mulher.O Jesus dismisses est crazy, hysterical, outrageous desperate walking behind us, it can put your prestige, fame, power in large risks, dismisses it, reject it, despise it, because every time she cries after you relentlessly, she and a foreign, pagan, gentile, immigrant in this land is Jewish and not Christian not part of the elect, has no rights as filhos.O Dear Brothers in Christ Jesus to stop and think, think and stop and analyze the situation, which itself was Jesus, restricted p Israel as Savior, because not all the Gentiles was part and without law in this nation's promise, He came to fulfill the law and the prophets> However respondeu.Não Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel, over the 3 days after he shed his blood on Calvary's cross gave us the right to be called the children and heirs of promise, praise be to God, broke the resurgence resurrreto  veil of the temple of legalism, tradition and religion Jewish, breaking, breaking all ties and dogmas which was split between us and God, so that hj we had free access to worship before the altar as his worshipers in spirit and truth ...  II) Place ... q A foreign woman loved Jesus in truth-V: 25PB: Do not you care about the negative comments and discloses that you raised your neighbors, friends from the neighborhood had their respect, their bold initiative before the Lord in each approach, even the disciples of Jesus constrained her to him withdraw not continue in practice of the scandal but est foreign woman you do not care much for the criticism and hindrances q si stood before her, she persisted, insisted no other amendrotar the opinions contrary, would not go away without an answer, stood firm in his position , you come back from Jesus, in reverent act, humiliating, was married to the whole protocol to the attention of Jesus, came a demonstration of Courage, launched himself at his feet and worshiped in spirit and loved ones can imagine quite true that this was the great audacity of foreign to prostrate themselves before Jesus to worship him in recognition, confessing, declaring with all strength, sincerity and truth of heart, that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and that is not Hallelujah meaning people who have sought, sought men and women who have the same action and valiant volunteers p proste and worship Him in  spirit and truth, a broken and contrite heart, not the despised God, cry out to God at this time  up an altar in your life that is permenet true worship, committed before God.  III) Place ... The foreign woman who loved Jesus in truth ... .. V-25pdCame sayingLORD HELP ME.... I have a great  problem, I have tried in vain for a long time to cure my baby, doctors and medicine is hopeless, I am a foreign woman in this region have been practicing medicine spirituality even strangers consulted the gods, these gods has promised results and diagnoses the cause and symptom of the problem in my family for my husband last abonadado has me in despair at not longer endure the horrible pain and abnormal state that you find my baby, I'm tired, frustrated, lost, without esperansa to live, I have lived a experience  next  you more sure I am here and that a neighbor with the spirit of wisdom, advised me to you for help! LORD HELP-ME-Ps 12 says / / / Help me, Lord! Because there is no godly men and women, with the spirit of counsel, the faithful have disappeared from the sons of men,,, V 26>>> Jesus answered,  1 satisfy, food, fuel, sustain and fill my family, my children for I am the Lord  head of the house, this great family, I have a responsibility to provide for the needs of my house first, and not good foreign woman to take the children's bread without having eaten before 1 children  and cast them to the dogs: YES, LORD, I understand your position, friend Jesus However, the domestic dogs live in our house, eat of the crumbs, moreover, remains that cae of tables of children and  owners separates the remains that families and children and puts dexaram part p be served to the dogs at home who live in our casas.So Jesus of Nazareth said ... .. IIII) Place .... A foreign woman q worshiped Jesus in truth ... V28 ... Nazare Jesus said to him FOREIGN WOMEN GREAT AND YOUR FE! Comform your word, word of determination! Revelation of the target! Ask yourself how you want .. The beloved Hebrews 11:1, Now faith and substance of things that you've expected but without faith it is impossible to please God, it is necessary that those who seek  worship him in spirit and truth, Jesus also speaks of in Matthew 18 should always pray and have faith and never  esmoleÃer for human justice in your words and come to win, esperanza ha into your life, your future, suppress thy voice from weeping and the tears from your eyes, because there recompenza for your works, saith the Lord,,, James 3 : tb 5.Such as tongue, small organ, boasts of great things .. A word of authority, determines the course  of your life, proclaims, declares as est woman, because of the word that you said your daughter is agora.Use are from your mouth to administer the Lord's blessings  in your life, talk to Jesus, ask him his dreams, projects, targets, your mouth has the power to change your story, you make the rich poor before Deus.Se strong and courageous, not afraid, neither be you dismayed, because  And by Jesus with you wherever you go, Jesus faras prosper thy ways, and thou shalt sucedido.Fale with him about your life, your future, you have the responsibility to decide hj on your dreams, visions, plans, The Holy Spirit will guide you, teach you ... adore it now, talk to him, pray, tell Jesus to his wishes, start to prophesy in the name of Jesus the word, do as Jesus, IS WRITING YOUR WORD AS YOUR WORD I am the head and not drained, God put me as governor, prince, I can not stand by and I called on Jesus p serve you here on this earth, I will be a blessing, to receive power, receive the word of fe, esperanza, your life can not be the same, the Holy Spirit moves the obstacles in my life, removes impediments to serve you  in worship as I adorarte est foreign woman as I am on this earth, in spirit and truth vitorioso.Eu I found the word that my future will be respectful, it is time for change  radical, speaking time in my life, prophetic word, my word as I determine the name of Jesus the word of Jesus in my ministry, my body in my family, my children, my job, my fiscalidade, my city  Parents, all things pertaining to my vida.abre your mouth now confess Jesus now and claim the word of faith  and power every day in your life the word of Jesus. CONCLUSION   ILLUSTRATION:On one occasion a lecturer ministering the word of Jesus that believers should use in your life to God's word in their captive was a woman who had gone in meeting the 1 time she had a daughter q was affected by a disease in its  house, the speaker to talk about the power of speech on this day it has in our lives, people despois the sermon was called in front of p receive the word of the prayer of faith, est woman played by the word of God made at the time a prayer of faith in simplecidade his heart spoke to God about the illness of his daughter and the great miracle happens sequinte prayer was so ... .... etc.  PLAYER Speak now in Jesus' name I refuse to fear in my life in the name of Jesus.I see all the doors being opened in my life I will go melhor.I full HOLE SPIRIT, I am full of determination of the word of God to anger me enable me to change all the things I have spoken to Jesus concerning the mim.Portanto I refuse esmolecer before the word of God, I remain strong  in faith, worshiping and giving glory to God, My health, family, ministry, finances, job promotion is thriving in the name of Jesus I see  prosperando.Eu see! Glory to God! Great Deus.Eu and I receive the authority of the P word of God to minister in my life and people agora.Eu can do all things that q me through Jesus fortalice p forward, now get out of anonymity Christian life, to make progress for all direccion. I feel strong and all  days to walk in victory in Jesus' Holy Name Christ.AMEM    Missionary: Roberto Soares

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Be Filled With The Spirit

Be filled with the Spirit Eph 5:18 ... pb



A good grape that produces wine is associated to various events. For example, the process of producing wine themselves on when you select a good seed, a vine, soil, water quantity and appropriate sections of sun exposure had germinated and growth. And also a natural law and perpetual.
Just as there is season for planting, there is also the season for colher. A seed has the characteristic of each multiplicar. Seed multiplies seed. God established a basic law for a law colheita. E perpetuates natural. Semear and colher. Enquanto land will be sowing to harvest, and also time to gather the fruit of the seed that was planted.
This natural law God established in the beginning and it existed until today. Assim as harvest is natural, there is also spiritual harvest.
While you live, there will be time for sowing and colheita. God gives you the privilege of seed and have a good colheita. A winemaking happens when the ripe grapes and fresh selected and brought to the mill. Trampled or crushed to the exact point of produce the excellent natural grape juice or when the fermentation of sugar rises to the point where it becomes wine intoxicating embriagante. The causes momentary happiness, cheers the heart shot, shouting, addiction, drunkenness, seduction, a remedy for wounds, mocks, mock, in this great festivals such as celebrations, birthday, wedding. In ancient Greece was the worship of the god Bacchus. Known as the god of wine, marking events importantes. A current medicine in birth defects states with documented evidence that the moderate alcohol consumption damages the reproductive system of young women. Causing miscarriages and birth defects in babies with mental and physical incurÃveis. The tragic results of drinking wine fermented appear in several places in the OT and NT, the wine fermented (alcoholic) however, and a mocker (Proverbs 23:29) and causes intoxication, drinking alcohol leads to several freguentemente sins (such as sexual immorality, or criminalidade. Like occurred with Noe and the daughters of Him (Gen. 9:24).
Noah, a farmer, was the first to plant a vineyard, drank the wine was drunk and was nu. This first mention of wine in the scriptures, is connected with drunkenness, sin, shame and maldiÃão. Por of the evils that accompanying drinks embriagantes. God has made abstinence the right pattern for your people.  Are you planting for that type of crop?. The purpose of God has always been to make its people prosper.
God's intent is still the same shed its spiritual blessings and anointing in the family, finances and ministries in recent days finais. In spiritual dimension, the harvest is the time when we reap what plantamos. If seen good seed, sown for the Spirit, and not to the flesh, we colheita. Entretanto good if planted in the flesh reap corruption of the flesh (Galatians 6:7-9). The size and type of harvest will be determined by seed. Colhemos according to amount of seed that we plant. If few, have little colheita. In the days of the church God is releasing a special anointing spiritual finances, family and ministries, to his people. For the faithful and obedient, the harvest is so great that it lasted until the time of sowing new pair your life. The seeds you plant are the things you offer God. Time, love, loyalty and acts of kindness are good seeds. But there are bad seeds: hatred, unforgiveness , resentment, bitterness, envy and rebelião. SEJA which the seed you sow, good or bad will always be a COLHEITA. What kind of crop you need in your life? family, finances, ministries? You see that your church winning souls for the kingdom of God. Lives being changed, saved, healed and delivered by the power of God. Entao crop and prepare for colher. DEUS not failed to meet its necessidade. Mas be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT ....

I) Be filled with the Spirit God's promise in Joel 2:28-29-I will pour my spirit. And it shall be then, I will pour my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall visÃes. And also upon the servants and upon the servants. That day will pour out my spirit. Joel provides one of the main results of the outpouring of the Spirit is the distribution of gifts espirituais. A manifestation of the Spirit through the gifts. Makes known God's presence among his people. A work of Holy Spirit in the OT and several NT.Descreve activity Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit in played an active role in name. This Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (Gen. 1:2) preparing everything for the creative word of God world. Tanto the form of the word of God (the second person of the Trinity, as the Spirit of God were the agents name. This Spirit also the author of life. When God created Adam it was his Spirit who breathed into man the breath of life (Genesis 2:7). The Spirit of God these days are ready to express its fullness in our lives to equip us for special services. Enabling us to do the will of God to be filled with the anointing of His Spirit ...


II) ... Be filled with the Spirit Fulfillment of Promise Acts 1:8, 2:1-4.A fire that reveals tesouros. Diadoru Siculus reports on a forest fire in the mountains Pireneus. O heat penetrated the soil and a stream of pure silver esquichou the earth's surface and reveal for the first time the existence of that fire came so rico. And heat were greatly comemorados. Experimente these days the power to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the grace of speaking in tongues by the Holy Spirit. You receive the DUNAMIS, is from the Greek used in the NT to describe the power that God has by: E EXOUSIA DUNAMIS. O first means (authority, jurisdiction, Jurisdiction, And the power exousia mentioned in Luke 10:19, the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and fight the enemy. Besides using their authority the believer dunamis receive power through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Dunamis word means (miraculous power, capacity, strength, also to say, inherent power or power possessed by alquem in other words, dynamite, bomb atomic, and DUNAMIS making capability with the divine power of the Holy Spirit to do the work that has been delegado.Atos 2:1-4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance - speaking with other tongues, or glossolalia, was among the believers of the New Testament, a sign from God to show the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This pattern bilblico to live in the fullness of the Spirit remains the same for today. Pentecost was the second major sacred festival of the year judaico. A first big party was PÃscoa. Fifty days after this came the feast of Pentecost this name derived from (quinquagessimo) was called the harvest festival. For in them the first fruits of harvest grain were offered to God (Lev. 23:17) Likewise, the day of Pentecost for the church symbolizes the beginning of the harvest of souls to God in this world. Segundo the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. Nearly three million people were in Jerusalem when there was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Coming from various part in that day there was an outpouring of God's power over their lives. Which will enable them to reach the world with evangelho. Enquanto the crowd celebrated the party. Keeping the outward rituals prescribed by law in another part of town, locked in a room upstairs, the 120 disciples experience Pentecostes. O compliance with the fire of God came, and the Holy Spirit was poured over them as poder. When God releases his power over life and you dry ahead to invade the strongholds of the enemy in your family, work, finances, ministries, city, Parents, there will be no power, evil forces, principalities or work of the enemy that is capable of winning lo.E-harvest time, to give beginning to a life of miracles and experience the power of God.and name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, an order that the evil spirit is destroyed now, seek the Lord of hosts right now, try to have full insight of you and him. But Be filled with the Spirit.

III) Be filled with the Spirit Eph 5:18 pb In the text Paul was not suggesting that believers were filled with Spirit. He order The was giving a word for (fill in the Greek means to invade, take possession of, be filled again and again) When the believer is actually full The Holy Spirit takes possession of it and then can be controlled lo.O believer puts his will. Your mind, your emotions and attitudes in obedience and in accordance with word of God.
Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1) because Jesus walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The power of God flowing in your life. The church today is full of believers who want the power of God working in your life, want to be used by God. But few people actually experience the manifestation of power that produced so many miracles among the early believers KNOW WHY? Because most Christians today is not dead, there can be genuine life in the Spirit if not die for our first live the fullness of the Holy Spirit. We must direct our minds and our affections for the things of the Spirit. Do you really want to have the same power and same anointing of the Holy Spirit operating in the life of Jesus? Take hold of the word TODAY and the gates of hell shall not prevail against my life (Matt. 16:18).



The coldness of the spiritual people of God contributes to the wonders of the Lord remain covert and away from those who do not now When Christian life and treated with indifference by those who are members of a church but has no commitment to God. Christ's light is off, the salt has no taste, is not fully realized and God is in second plan. And what we do to stop being just a nominal Christian? How to be counted as One of These? How can we show Christ in our lives so as to illuminate the environment we're in? Filling in the Holy Spirit, and how we can be filled with the Spirit? Leaving the deceptive pleasures of sin, seeking the presence the Holy Spirit, offering at the altar of God that his Holy Spirit acts in our lives and be used according to his will (John 4:14) tells us the water given by Christ (meaning the spiritual life) To benefit from this living water, and necessary that the person '(drink) that (drinking) and not a single act and momentary, but drink a progressive and repeated action progressiva.Para drinking water of spiritual life, and must be near the source of living water and the very CHRIST.NOBADY can continue drinking water and the Spirit, being alienated from the source JESUS.Such person becomes what Peter describes as 2Pe 2:17 ...

Pr Roberto Soares


MEN Mission Global Strategy

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