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Become a missionary

How to become a missionary: How to become a missionary? Learn more! Be a missionary. Enlarge missionary work among unreached people to Christ. Adopting strategies for rapid penetration in the call window 10 \ 40, awakening vocations and strengthen the missionary work in countries where missionaries already there are some of the goals of the Strategic Plan of the MEM. Mission Strategy II.

This plan provides for the conversion of people, the opening of pioneer groups, training leaders, the implementation of special projects, training of workers of the land and the foundation of new igrejas.Avaliado every six months, the Strategic Plan is a valuable tool Measuring the progress of the missionaries of the Mission Strategy II.

Categories Missionaries: Today, with the diversity of work that require the fields, the missionary is sent to be pastor, teacher, nurse, chaplain, etc., according to the following categories:


Missionaries go to career fields with four-year contract. Which can be renewed.


Those appointed to a country in Latin America or Africa, Eastern Europe and Northeast Brazil, for a period of up to two years. After this period, depending on the evaluation of their performance and personal desire, may request their enforcement.


Are sent to a specific job and for a specified time.


Missionaries sent to the fields with their own sustenance and for a specific period, to support effective worker.


Are supported in partnership with other mission agencies or churches.

Tend Makers

Missionaries sent to camps to keep using their own professional skills, regardless of theological training.

Workers of the Earth (Indigenous)

They are workers of the country, selected and trained to work as his own people.

Strategic Volunteers

They are prepared to act as a new missionary paradigm, with support from their churches or other, to live in community with other workers. The geared must have a minimum age of 18 years, secondary education and being single.

Who can be a Missionary

The missionaries of the Mission through the Global Strategy are people whom God dedicated to a special mission to evangelize. They are men and women qualified spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional, which will be trained to evangelize inside and outside Brazil. To be sent to the mission field, a missionary who goes to work in another culture is a process of selection and training, which qualifies him to face a different reality in another country. He has the strategic mission of the World, and after a series of tests and interviews, if approved, should raise their financial support with their churches to be sent to the mission field

The missionary who goes to work in another culture must be prepared to work in various ministries. In addition to evangelize, disciple, plant churches, teach in seminars, visiting homes, he does chaplaincy in hospitals and prisons, provides nursing care, performs multi-ministry and teaches in schools. The purpose is the emergence of strong churches, that can survive and spread in the community in his hometown in the country and the world. He will use various strategies to keep in touch with people through the following areas:

Educational: The work of basic education is one strategy that uses the mission to not only evangelize, help people improve their living conditions. In countries with Mozambique, Angola, Eastern Europe and Northeast of Brazil etc, the work is an educational opportunity to take street children and offer them a new way of living.

Health: The life has been wasted in many countries for lack of care mÃdico.MissionÃrios prepared accumulate in the functions of nurses in helping the people. Make calls for help to the people. They care nursing, offer remedies. For malnourished children and pregnant women is done a nuricional. When the pain is deep in the heart, the work of chaplains are taught by the missionaries in hospitals, prisons and churches, bringing relief and hope to suffering.

Social: The social work carried out in camps in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, Northeast Brazil is one of the most exciting. According to a broad, holistic view, the missionaries have led projects in poor communities, with nursing care and nutrition work done with pregnant women and children. Special attention is given to the care of the body marked by many wars, with service to amputees and orphans, teaching of handicrafts, Handicraft, clothing and food distribution. Social assistance to the community is also given by child care.

If you want to become a missionary, contact us and discuss your questions.

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