Mon 21/05/2018
Statement of Faith
1. We  what  a  Bible  is the word  of  God.

         2. We  in  unit  God  Triune.

         3. We  in Jesus  Christ  as  Son  begotten  of  Father in  His divin-tion in  His virgin birth and  work  redemptive  has done  all  men on the cross  of  ordeal.

        4. We  resurrection  body  of  Jesus  Christ in  His  rise to  Heaven where  is  seated at the right  of God,  where  will  seek  His  church and, together  with  His own, stand up  a kingdom  this  world after  it will come    Final.

         5. We  in  Spirit  hole, third  person  Trinity, which  dwells  a seal  and pledge  each  person receiving  Jesus  Christ  as their  Salvador  staff   transforming it  will  picture  the Redeemer.

         6. We  in   Church  instituted  by  Jesus  Christ, one, holy  and universal.

         7. We  what  a  humanity, depraved  in its  entirety  only  be  redeemed  sin,  by  death  atoning  Jesus  Christ.

         8. We  the primary responsibility of  Church of Christ, being  a  each  believer  in Jesus  Christ  proclaim  Gospel  and do  disciples of all nations, according to Matthew 28: 18-20.

         9. We  and reaffirm  our  hope  in a new heaven and a new  land  and  enjoyment  eternal  of  saved  and justified  by  Jesus  Christ.


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