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What we Do
The Executive Board is a permanent instrument of action Missions Global Strategy the implementation of the ideals of the missionary churches. It is the responsibility of the Executive Director the planning, organization, direction, guidance, control and coordination of mission activities in accordance with the decisions of the Global Strategy Mission. Annually, the Executive Director presented the report of activities during the Assembly of the Global Strategy Mission.

Another important function of the Executive Director is the periodic visit to the missionaries in their fields of activity. Thus, in addition to search and watch closely the results of the work, he administers and provides pastoral care to missionaries. For this task relies on the district coordinators, who assist in meeting the missionaries and their projects:

Supervisor of Missions

The administration of matters relating to the missionaries and their ministries is done with great deal by the Supervision Missions. To meet its objectives, the supervision is divided into two coordinating body: Mission District and Human Resources.

Coordination Mission District.

Coordination Mission District, along with the Executive Director, studies through research and consultations to choose a new mission field, prepares a missionary journey to their place of work, oversees the work of the worker, looks after his return to Brazil in holiday periods, and promoting permanent return. It is the responsibility of coordinating body representing the World Mission Strategy before governmental bodies, providing security to the worker before the war or political problems. Another function is to assess and manage actions to enable the maintenance of physical, mental and emotional missionary in your holiday contract.

Coordination of Human Resources

The whole selection process is mission critical to the development of the advanced missionary. With a lot of responsibility and dependence upon the Lord, the area is responsible for the choice of candidate according to the profile of the field. Are the responsibility of coordinating the planning and execution of the entire training program and update the missionaries.

Supervision of Communications and Marketing

Inform and train the missionary consciousness of the churches and challenge believers to a greater involvement with mission work are the main goals of the Supervision of Communications and Marketing.

Keep the churches made aware of their role in restoring world and the challenge of

new millennium is a desired objective of each year. For this, we conducted a planning communication strategies that use appropriate sections to the reality of each church in Brazil. The World Mission Strategy Articles and the information --News - which follows directly the adopters of ProjectsWorld Mission Strategy - There are other important vehicle of communicationWorld Mission StrategyBeing sent to all churches and institutions that support the projects World Mission Strategy.

In addition to printed material on the Internet this our site which is visited daily by thousands of people seeking information on the mission field and news about missions, preparation ofDVDs missionaries and sending electronic newsletters to thousands of addresses registered. The work also includes information on press relations, with the provision of materials for Journal of World Mission Strategy, vehicle magazines and interdenominational.

A careful public relations work is performed in events such as church meetings, state conventions, church meetings, visits missionary churches and camps.

The implementation of regional and national conferences is a global strategy of the Mission of involvement and participation used in campaignsWorld Mission StrategyIn order for the promotion missions, the area of Promotion Program coordinates the prosecutors, with the ideal of having a representative in each church.

Project Coordination and Resource Surveys

It will Coordination

†Devenvolver plan and strategies for raising resources to support and maintenance of missionary work,

†Plan and execute all projects capactaÃão Resource MEM

†Coordinate the work of the representatives of MEM in Brazil and through them, be present at events, informing and motivating churches, businesses and individuals to participate in the Partnership Program with the missionary churches in order that the interest and relationship to the missionary does not cool down,

†Provide management of communications and marketing with all the information necessary for the preparation of information materials and promotional Partnership Program and projects.

†Identify sources of funds in accordance with the Administrative and Financial Supervision,

†Create and update, along with the computer industry a single register of participants in various projects in the database,

†Establish partnerships with agencies and media companies to advertise the program adopter missionaries,

†Coordinate and perform the activities of the Program Intercessory Missionary

†Send letters, periodically to all partners with information from missionaries missionaries and \ or partner projects.

†Keep up the entries of the participants and partners (churches, businesses, organizations, individuals),

†Play actions thanks to the partnersMEM

†Submit periodic reports of activities performed.

Administrative supervision - financial

†Manage the resources (offers) that reach MEM and the day-to-day Headquarters World Mission Strategy, Are functions of supervision. All legal issues are managed with discretion and ongoing assessment, such as:

†Your mission and keep the collection of taxes in Brazil

†The purchase of materials and other equipment essential to the development of work at headquarters and in the fields

†Management financial move between banks, the financial programming each year, the bookkeeping and tax reporting offerings, reporting to the Audit Committee of MEM

†Administration staff Headquarters

These and other actions are performed with earnestness and zeal for the team that makes up this oversight.

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